RevisionFX ReelSmart Motion Blur for OFX 5.2.9
RevisionFX ReelSmart Motion Blur for OFX 5.2.9 | 22.5 Mb

Automatically add more natural-looking motion blur to a sequence using ReelSmart Motion Blur. Our tracking technology is at the heart of ReelSmart Motion Blur, so there is no handwork involved. Of course you can add as little or as much blurring as you need and even remove motion blur! Finally, you can create very interesting effects by blurring one sequence by using the motion from another.

LightWave Unified Physics D3D CUDA v1.1.0.0 (x64)
LightWave Unified Physics D3D CUDA v1.1.0.0 (x64) | 10 Mb

We're really excited about our current project! It's called LightWave Unified Physics Framework or UP for short. Unified Physics means that you can simulate fluids, rigid and soft bodies, cloth and ropes, all interacting with each other using the same integrated tool within LightWave Layout.

Marvelous Designer 7 Enterprise (x64)
Marvelous Designer 7 Enterprise (x64) | 756 MB

Marvelous Designer allows you to create beautiful 3D virtual clothing with our cutting-edge design software. Finally breathe life into your designs with tools that enhance quality while saving you time. From basic shirts to intricately pleated dresses and rugged uniforms, Marvelous Designer can virtually replicate fabric textures and physical properties to the last button, fold, and accessory.

Hurleyworks LWRemodeler for Lightwave (x64)
Hurleyworks LWRemodeler for Lightwave (x64) | 6 Mb

LWRemodeler is an integrated Layout tool for interactively retopologizing your LightWave objects using the Instant Meshes technology from IGL. LWRemodeler has 2 modes for generating a new mesh. The Extract mode lets you quickly extract a new mesh in 1 step.

3RDPowers Complete for Lightwave (x64)
3RDPowers Complete for Lightwave (x64) | 9 Mb

The LightWave 3D® Group provides Award-Winning, Production-Proven VFX and Animation Tools for Artists, combining a state-of-the-art renderer with powerful, intuitive modeling and animation tools. It is enjoyed worldwide as a complete 3D production solution for feature film and television visual effects, broadcast design, print graphics, visualization, and game and web development.

NCH PhotoPad Image Editor Professional 4.00 Beta
NCH PhotoPad Image Editor Professional 4.00 Beta | 8.2 Mb

Whether you're a professional photographer or just want to edit your personal photos, PhotoPad offers the powerful tools and features you need to improve your digital images.

- Crop, rotate, resize and flip pictures

ScanPapyrus 17.00 Multilingual
ScanPapyrus 17.00 Multilingual | 28.8 Mb

Do you need to scan 10, 20, or 100 pages and save the scanned document to PDF? ScanPapyrus can help you do it more quickly and easily! Just set the time interval for ScanPapyrus to wait for, before starting to scan the next page.

Zoner Photo Studio X 19.1802.2.51
Zoner Photo Studio X 19.1802.2.51 | 88.4 MB

Zoner Photo Studio X helps you take control of your photos. Zoner Photo Studio is a complete toolbox for managing and processing digital photos. Acquire pictures from your camera, organize your archive, and edit and share your photos - it's never been easier! Zoner Photo Studio is useful for beginners, advanced users, and experienced photographers, who can select one out of four different variants.

dslrBooth Photo Booth Software 5.22.1408.1 Professional
dslrBooth Photo Booth Software 5.22.1408.1 Professional | 55.5 Mb

dslrBooth - Awesome Photo Booth Software. If you're looking to run a photo booth using your dslr camera and a computer, then you've found the solution you need. We built our photo booth software out of the same necessity.

Allegorithmic Substance Designer 2017.2.4.952 (x64)
Allegorithmic Substance Designer 2017.2.4.952 (x64) | 513 Mb

Substance Designer is a node-based texture compositing tool that allows you to create Substance files or bitmap textures. You can use it to texture assets and also bake model information (ex: normal, displacement, curvature etc.